Esta pareja marca tendencia usando la ropa que se olvidan sus clientes en la lavandería
La pareja taiwanesa de 83 y 84 años compartió looks vistiendo atuendos que nadie retiraba de su lavandería y generaron un boom.
Chang Wan Ji, de 83 años, y Hsu Sho-Er, de 84 años, tienen una lavandería en Taiwan y decidieron sacarle provecho a todas las prendas abandonadas por sus dueños. Ellos se probaron diferentes combinaciones de outfits y compartieron sus fotos en Instagram, pero fue sorprendente la repercusión.

你看看,秀娥的臉真的很會擺! 整理找到2件被遺忘的Adidas,所以今天嘗試兩個人年輕時也沒穿過的運動型態!也是店裡比較意外居然會被遺忘的年輕款式(?)結果萬吉秀娥還是輕鬆駕馭😅從櫃檯把阿公發呆的椅子拉出來讓他們坐著,結果秀娥自己擺了這樣的pose?! 👴🏼萬吉 上衣:主人已領取 褲子:萬吉私服—洗衣服時穿的工作褲 👵🏼秀娥 上衣:5年以上未取女白T 外套:2年以上未取Adidas 棒球外套 褲子:阿嬤私服,年代自己都忘了 💡溫馨提醒|洗衣服請記得拿、認同請分享❤️ These old clothes have been abandoned by customers at the laundry for years. Owners of the laundry store, Wanji and Sho-Er who are over 80 years old. Grandson just can't bear to see them overwhelmed with bore everyday. So, ask them to reinterpret fashion, hoping to let everyone know that age is not a barrier to have fun in fashion and even old clothings can transformed into trendy outfits! 💡A friendly reminder|Don’t forget to pick up your laundry. #萬秀洗衣店 #Wantshow #wantshowasyoung #grandparents #mixandmatch #clothes #craftsman #しょくにん #ootd #wiw #instafashion #style #fashion #couple #夫婦 #80代 #budapest #grandma #grandpa #dappei @dappei_tw #juksyootd @mixfitmag_snap @uniqlo_ootd #converse @converse #cool_ootd #plainme_snap #plainme_life #ynet #femmefuture #culturecartel @nataliadornellas #classyvision #adidas

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En un mundo poblado de influencers, estudiosos de variables de marketing para crear tendencia, estos dos ancianos con su propio instinto se mostraron más top que cualquier revista de moda. 

"Un recordatorio amigable. No olvides recoger tu ropa", escribieron divertidos en algunos de sus posteos. La moda no entiende de razones ni edad, es cuestión de criterio estético y desfachatez.

🎉抽獎啦!一點來自孫子的感謝小禮物 🎉 It's GIVEAWAY time! Here’s small gifts prepared by the grandson 先說方法:只要你在下面留言一句想對萬吉和秀娥說的話,或者想對你自己阿公阿嬤說的話,就可以有抽獎的資格!不需要你去tag誰(當然如果你要推薦給你朋友也很棒!) How to get it: Leave a short message below. It could be anything you would like to say to Wan-Ji & Sho-Er, or anything you would like to say to your own grandparents. No need to tag anyone! (But it’d be great if you really want to. Please feel free to tag and share.) Event period:8/1 ,23:59(GMT+8) 在滿1萬followers的時候,我已經非常開心,所以自掏腰包做了30個小禮物,想送給喜歡萬吉秀娥和我們「萬秀的洗衣店」的朋友,歡迎大家加入「萬秀的洗衣店」,但沒想到等到做好的時候,人數居然已經23萬,可是我卻還是只有30個小禮物... 這是一個刺繡的貼布章,圖案來自我們家的洗衣機和我們衣物包裝袋上的中文字,我沒學過設計,可能畫的不是那麼好(苦笑),但這可以黏或者縫在你的任何一件舊衣服、舊包包,希望傳達一個概念:「讓大家也能夠透過一點小變化,就讓舊衣服產生新生命!」當然,也成為我們「萬秀的洗衣店」的世界特派員工! 但很抱歉只做了30個,假如留言的人數超過幾千人,或許我會考慮在我能負擔的範圍內多做一些。 來吧!留下你想給萬吉秀娥的話,或者你想分享你對於你爺爺奶奶的話吧! At the beginning, I was so happy when the account had reached 10k followers. So, I’d been trying to express my gratitude by preparing some small gifts to our friends, to those who like ’Wan-Ji‘, ‘Sho-Er', and our 'Wan-Sho Laundry'. And when I finally managed to get those gifts from the manufacturer, the followers had already hit 230k, which was way more than I’d expected! But, there’re only 30 small gifts to give away. This is a badge patch. The design is inspired by our old washing machine and the words on our laundry bag. It’s written 'Wan-Sho Laundry' in Chinese. I'm not a designer, so it's probably not a pretty design (embarrassed laugh). This can be glued or sewn onto any of your old clothes or bags. I would like to share the idea that “By a little change, we can give old clothes a new life'. With this patch, everyone can be a spreader of the spirit of 'Wan-Sho Laundry' all around the world! Again, there are only 30 gifts in total. If more there’s more than a thousand comments, I’d love to do one more giveaway if I can afford it. Here we go! Leave a message for Wan-Ji & Sho-Er, or write a message to your own grandparents! #萬秀洗衣店 #萬秀的洗衣店 #wantshowasyoung #grandparents - - _ #mixandmatch #clothes #ootd #instafashion #style #fashion #couple #夫婦 #80代 #grandma #grandpa #femmefuture #classyvision #vintage #古着 #コーディネート #love #laundry #outfits

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